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KFK-OD stands for Knock-For-Knock Own Damage claim. In the event of a motor accident and if it is not the Insured's fault, one may make a KFK-OD claim on his/her own comprehensive insurance without the NCD (No Claim Discount) being forfeited (subject to the terms and conditions stated in the KFK Claim Declaration Form) and hence, speeding up the process of repairing your own vehicle.


  1. The Insured must possess a Comprehensive Motor Policy at the time of accident.

  2. The accident date must be on or after 1st June 2001.

  3. The Insured must notify the Insurance Company within 14 days from the date of accident. Failing which the company has absolute right and discretion not to entertain the Insured's KFK claim.


  1. Insurance Company Motor Vehicle Accident Report/Claim Form. Insured has to specify that he/she is making a Knock-For-Knock claim by indicating on the claim form.

  2. Original Police Reports of ALL Parties involved in the accident - The Insured's or his Driver's report and the Third Party's report.

  3. A copy of the Insured's Motor Policy

  4. A copy of the Owner's NRIC and Driving Licence

  5. A copy of the Company's Registration Form (For Company Owned vehicles only)

  6. A copy of the Driver's NRIC and Driving Licence (If different from the Owner)

  7. A copy of the LATEST Vehicle Registration Card

  8. A copy of the Road Tax Disc/the Road Tax Slip for the newly implemented road tax

  9. Police Outcome Report - confirming the vehicle which had been summoned by the police.

  10. A copy of the Third Party's Motor Policy/Cover Note or a JPJ Search Slip on the vehicle which had been summoned. This is to identify the Insurance Company of the said vehicle at the time of accident. 

For further details, kindly contact your motor insurance company.

Note: The above is stated as to the best of our knowledge and is served as a general information only.  We take no responsibility for any misinformation.

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